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Jeff & I met back in 2005 when we both ended up in a 3D Design class at UNO. We didn’t really talk much until the last day of class when my group and I were struggling to transport our final project from the sculpture building to the top floor of the fine arts building. The piece consisted of a plaster cast of my butt in a large wooden frame. (None of us really cared for the teacher much.) Being the chivalrous guy that he is, Jeff offered to help us carry my butt up the stairs. After our projects were presented, Jeff also helped us to dispose of the masterpiece. Somewhere between there and leaving the building he had disappeared. I didn’t see him again until the next school year.

The next semester, our schedules seemed to “coincidentally” match up. We didn’t have any classes together, but would frequently meet on campus and on the shuttle bus to and from campus. One day in particular, I was in the arts building putting in an installation piece. ( I was lying on my back gluing plaster feet to the underside of the staircase.) He saw me from the upstairs landing and came down to chat. He was probably the only person in the building that day who didn’t stop to give me weird looks. He just asked what I was doing and offered to help. That was the first time he asked me out. And I had to turn him down because I had to work that night. He asked me out again the next week, but he had terrible timing with it being finals week and me being a procrastinator, I had to turn him down again. I felt horrible because I actually did like him and want to go out with him. Finally, the thesis art talks came around and once again we bumped into each other at the show. He tried again and I was finally able to say yes.

Our first date was lunch at Olive Garden. The next night I met up with him and some friends at the old Dundee Dell. We spent the entire night talking about zombie movies and other horror movies. Later in the evening I ended up going into total geek mode and professed my undying love of Lord of the Rings while selecting Pink Floyd music on the jukebox. The night ended in a slightly awkward hug and as I was driving home, I started to kick myself for being a total nerd. I was pretty sure I had scared him off…until he called me to make sure I got home okay.

I found out several dates later that our “random” meetings on campus were not actually that random at all. Jeff had been skipping class to meet me on the shuttle and I am the reason he doesn’t have a degree in Art History.

Five years and several zombie movies and LOTR marathons later, he proposed.


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Hello everyone! I am a graphic artist/makeup-artist-in-training/bookworm from Omaha, NE. I write about whatever happens to be floating around in my brain at the moment. Stop by my blog and take a look around. Cheers!

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