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The Plumber Always Rings Twice

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

It was a warm and sunny Friday morning in the middle of May.

Crap. That doesn’t sound scary at all. Imagine something dark and stormy if you must. Thunder crashes, you know, the works.

Anyway…My husband and I run a small catering company out of our home and we had a large graduation party to cook for over the weekend. He had taken the day off of work to start prepping for the festivities and I would be home to join him as soon as I finished my final exams. All was going as well as to be expected until he tried  to use the garbage disposal. Bam! The disposal literally drops out from the bottom of the sink, the pipes explode and the kitchen is flooded. Lovely.

Jeff (my husband) calls the plumber who arrives within the typical I’ll-show-up-sometime-today-if-you-are-lucky fashion. It turns out that the people who lived in the house before us thought that they might take a stab at plumbing and apparently didn’t research it well. The garbage disposal wasn’t attached to the correct side of the sink and the pipes were a rough patchwork of several different materials and probably some chewing gum for good measure. This is not the first time that we have been the victims of our previous homeowners’ DIY spirit. Hopefully this is the last.

While the plumber works to right the many wrongs of our current plumbing situation, he falls in love with our four-month-old English bulldog puppy, Minion. He plays with him while chatting with my husband. I’m sure Minion also made sure that he would not be ignored. We like to take him out with us whenever we can and he is used to being adored. It takes about five hours to get the mess cleaned up and the plumbing repaired. By that time I am home and frantically starting to bake and simultaneously build my dessert display. Jeff and I have stocked up on Red Bull and are planning on a long night. We were working hard and making progress when the phone rings at 9:30pm. It’s the plumber. He had left his flashlight at our house and wanted to stop by and pick it up. He told us to just leave it on the front porch. No problem, right? 10:30pm rolls around and our doorbell rings. The plumber walks in with his two kids, picks Minion up and starts to play with him. The last thing we want is a riled-up puppy to deal with let alone a strange family in our house. I continue to decorate my desserts and Jeff hovers just outside the kitchen and awkwardly watches as the plumber and family play with our dog. How do we get these people out of our house? Are they going to bash us over the head and run off with our puppy?

We continue to politely emphasize that we are really busy, it’s late and we still have a lot to do. The plumber eventually seems to get the message and reluctantly releases Minion. With a sigh of relief, Jeff ushers our unexpected guests out the door. We look at each other and laugh. Our puppy is too cute for his own good. At least this will make a good story.

Minion, our English bulldog puppy.


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