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Here Comes the Anti-Bride (part 1)

This post goes out to everyone who has gotten engaged/married this year, especially those of you who like to do things a little differently.

As you may know from my previous posts, Geek Love and She Said, “Oh, Shit!”, my husband and I were not your average bride and groom to be. Immediately after I said, “Oh shit” and our families said, “It’s about time!”, were caught up in a flurry of impending wedding fever. Less than 24 hours since our engagement, we were being grilled about dates, venues, and wedding colors. Oh, the all-important wedding colors! I’ll have to admit that we were also caught up in the wedding excitement. We had been talking about marriage for a while now and kind of had a game plan laid out. We wanted something small and simple, maybe a destination wedding in Hawaii with immediate family. We love Hawaii and had this perfect spot picked out at a romantic restaurant on the beach. Nothing was set in stone yet, but that was the plan…at least until the grandmas got wind of it.

You see, Jeff was the first kid in the family to get married and I was the second. We both have very close families who love a good party. Between the there’s-no-way-in-hell-you’re-getting-me-on-an-airplane speech from the grandmas and the weight of the family’s disappointment in not seeing us married, we decided to compromise and have a small wedding in town. We wanted to keep it small and intimate with just close friends and family. The thing about our family is that it’s pretty humongous and apparently very friendly. By the time we got the finalized guest lists from the moms, “close friends and family” came out to be roughly 600 people. Our wedding planner nearly fainted when we gave her the news.

We had booked our venue months ago. The Omaha Country Club is gorgeous and we thought it would be more convenient to have both the ceremony and reception all in one place. It turns out that the ball room could only hold 300 people. After some deliberation, it was decided that the Club would set up a giant tent on the golf course for us. We would have the ceremony in the ball room, then move everyone out to the tent for the reception. We were counting on most of our guests to not show up until the reception because of the fact that wedding ceremonies are typically boring and there is no booze. We advised grandparents to turn up early to get a seat and everyone else was on their own. This is the first plan to actually work out well.

Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of my husband and I. We are both artsy types who enjoy making costumes and watching horror movies. We came together out of our love of bad zombie movies for crying out loud! So, naturally, we wanted to be married on Halloween and make the reception a big costume party. We thought it would be very unique and “us.” Perfect. Except that Halloween was on a Monday. So we decided on the 15th instead. It was still October after all, the weather would probably be nice (unless there was a freak blizzard-It is Nebraska.) and we could still pull off a Halloween party. Brilliant! I set to work trying to find some Halloween-esque invitations and scoured the internet for a cake topper that would be suited to the occasion. Believe it or not, I didn’t have much luck with the Halloween theme, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m a designer, I’ll design my own wedding! I’ll just make my own invitations, topper, favors, etc. Plus, I will go to school full time and work! I will not go insane, I’m Super Bride!

To be continued…


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Hello everyone! I am a graphic artist/makeup-artist-in-training/bookworm from Omaha, NE. I write about whatever happens to be floating around in my brain at the moment. Stop by my blog and take a look around. Cheers!

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