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Marilyn: Glamour Girl Beauty

I don’t think that I’ve yet professed my deep love of vintage style to the public, so here goes. I don’t really know what happened to the women of America. Today’s fashions are pretty terrible. It seems as though somewhere along the way, society got the the definitions of sexy and slutty confused. Women’s clothing has become tinier and more revealing over the past decade or so. It’s getting to the point that even our little girls’ clothing is becoming overly sexualized and moms are pressuring their daughters about looks and weight before they’ve even begun to develop into womanhood. What is the point in this?

Designers seem to be creating clothing and expecting women to mold themselves to the fashion rather than the fashion being created for the natural curves of a woman’s body. It’s a shame. Everywhere you look, media seems to bombard women into feeling guilty about their bodies and shaming them into either covering up or throwing themselves into the latest diet trend or falling into the far more dangerous and tragic realm of eating disorders. It seems as though this is the first time in history that the scantily clad skeleton is the ideal of beauty. The sad thing is, many modern women see this mode of modifying themselves and dressing in this way as empowering.

I am very interested in the history of fashion and beauty. I am in love with women’s fashion from about the 20’s to the 60’s. Many of these fashions were all about the celebration of women’s bodies without completely exposing them. I take a lot of inspiration for my personal wardrobe from the styles of the 40’s and 50’s. These were fairly conservative eras, however the women of this time exuded glamour and confidence. Look at Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, and even Bettie Page. All of these women were gorgeous, unique and extremely sexy. Marilyn Monroe, to this day, is still considered the epitome of female beauty and sexuality. Why is this? Well, look at her. She knew what she was doing. Let’s start with her iconic makeup. It was actually fairly minimalist by a lot of today’s standards. It really worked to play up her gorgeous skin, and two of the most sexy features on the female body, the eyes and  lips. Remember that, ladies. Honestly, nothing makes me feel sexier than a great, bold red lipstick. Next, let’s look at Marilyn’s body. It was soft and curvy. Her arms were not rock hard and sculpted. She had no bones jutting out of her skin. Her dress size was 10. Today’s paparazzi would have a heyday. Now, let’s examine Marilyn’s personality. Personality also carries a lot of sex appeal. She was coquettish and knew how to tease. Also, the girl was quirky and funny. I think that was also a major part of her appeal. Be yourself. Be a little goofy sometimes. It will go a long way.

Ladies, all I’m really trying to say is that you are beautiful. You should acknowledge this. You are not fat, you have curves and they are glorious. If you

Go-go Amy, Contemporary Pin up girl.

are trying to lose weight, do it for yourself. Do it to be healthier. Don’t do it because you don’t fit some unrealistic standard and don’t let it consume you. You need to make yourself happy, nobody else. Start by looking in the mirror. Don’t start picking apart your flaws. Don’t think, “I’m fat.” Think, “I’m beautiful.” Pick out your good qualities. Emphasize those qualities. It’s all about perception, and the thing about perception is that it can be changed. Start doing some research. Ignore the Cosmos of the world and start to look at the women of days gone by. Look at pinup girls from then and now. They’re cute, sexy, and ooze personality. Start to internalize the way they dress, the way they do their makeup, the way they smile and hold themselves. Learn the value of a well cut dress, the miracles that a swing dress or a sexy wiggle dress can do for your curves. Rock some ruby red lipstick. Maybe as more women learn to accept themselves, we can overthrow the current beauty standard and modify more than our own perceptions. Why would you want to strive to be just another skinny chick when you could be a glamour girl?

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  1. I love vintage beauties!!! I love present day beauties as well, but there was something so real about fashionable ladies in previous decades. You’re right about the oozing personality thing of pin-up girls. I love how both their personality AND their sex appeal popped in any given photo! There is a definite strength and embracing of power these women held that all of us can draw from.


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