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Bigger is Better for Bikini Season?

I just stumbled onto this clip via the Cats Like Us Facebook page. It’s really interesting to think that advertisers promoted weight gain to women in order to be at their best for swimsuit season in the 30’s and 40’s. What a radical turn around in beauty ideals. I’m currently doing a lot of reading on the history of beauty culture and it’s incredibly interesting to see how beauty, advertising, and women’s rights are so tightly entwined. The history of lingerie is equally interesting and influential to women’s history in the same way. Look it up! I plan to write about both subjects in the future, but in the mean time, check out this clip.

TODAY: How the perfect beach body has changed.


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Hello everyone! I am a graphic artist/makeup-artist-in-training/bookworm from Omaha, NE. I write about whatever happens to be floating around in my brain at the moment. Stop by my blog and take a look around. Cheers!

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  1. So true! Thanks for the related articles post! It’s uncanny how life has switched around. If you’re interested you should check out this “scandal” over Kate Upton. She was called “lardy” by a pro-anorexia site. Sad…it really is:(

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m interested in anything pop culture/ beauty/ women’s politics related. Kate Upton is knockout gorgeous. The fact that a pro-anorexia site even exists proves that there is something going horribly wrong in today’s beauty culture. I’m appalled! Someone close to me nearly killed herself to be thin. I can’t believe such a horrible, life-destroying disease is actually being promoted.


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