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It’s amazing the kind of influence Hollywood would have over beauty and culture as a whole. The development of early Hollywood is a very interesting story. Take a look at these 1920s era publicity photos. They’re gorgeous!

CNN Photos

As Hollywood films replaced the live theater scene in the 1920s, producers responded to the public’s interest in the leading actors by photographing the rising stars.

Film historian and collector John Kobal was “one of the first people to turn the attention from the star of the photo to the person who created it,” said Simon Crocker, chairman of the John Kobal Foundation.

Initially, fine-art photographers made portraits of the main players, which often had a similar feel to photographs of Broadway actors. But in the mid-1920s, studios hired in-house photographers to help advertise upcoming films and stars.

“It was a pretty sophisticated set up,” including a marketing system to send the photos out to be seen by the public, Crocker said.

What began as promotional material for movies at the beginning of the century transformed into a historical lens looking at the early era of cinema. Kobal was…

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