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Too Fabulous

Ah, Nebraska in January! As much as I try to deny that it’s winter, sometimes it just slaps me in face with five inches of snow, twenty-five mile per hour winds, and a super balmy temperature of five degrees. It’s days like today that I feel like I’ve made some poor winter wardrobe decisions. Instead of the svelte black leather jacket, I should have opted for something that would make me resemble a walking marshmallow. Instead of the virtually tractionless leather riding boots with the cute buckles that make a satisfying clicking noise as I walk, I should have gotten galoshes. This became incredibly evident as I attempted to dig my driveway out this evening. I’m sure the neighbors got a good show as I slipped and slid around behind the snow blower in my less than practical ensemble.

By the time my driveway was finally clear, my jeans were soaked through. My cateye glasses were encrusted with frost and my nose and ears matched my scarlet scarf. In a weird way, this is somewhat uplifting. Even as I’m mucking about sans makeup with my hair a mess, this experience makes me feel like I just may be a little too fabulous for my own good.

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